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Discover an exquisite selection of handwoven rugs that add a touch of elegance and warmth to any interior. At Persian Rug Co., we pride ourselves on offering an unmatched selection of Persian carpets and floor rugs in Australia, showcasing the beauty and craftsmanship of traditional rug making.

Why Choose Persian Rug Co. for Your Floor Rugs, Australia-wide?

Choosing Persian Rug Co. means opting for a retailer that values authenticity, quality, and customer satisfaction above all.

Experience Authenticity 

Each rug in our collection is a testament to the rich cultural heritage and skilled craftsmanship of regions such as Iran, Afghanistan, India, and Pakistan. Unlike mass-produced alternatives, our directly sourced handmade rugs carry a story of tradition and artistry. Find rugs online, Australia-wide, and adorn your space with genuine pieces that are stunning and full of history and meaning.

Quality That Lasts

Our commitment to quality is evident in every piece we offer. By sourcing directly from the artisans, our rug shop ensures that every rug is a durable, high-quality product that will bring beauty and warmth to your space for years to come. Whether you're looking for authentic Afghan rugs or Turkish rugs, you'll find that our collection stands out for its enduring beauty.

Exceptional Expertise

Our extensive experience and reputation in the market guarantee that you're choosing a partner who understands the importance of every detail, from the weave to the colour palette. Plus, our large warehouse and brick-and-mortar presence allow you to explore our floor rugs Australiacollection in person, offering a tactile shopping experience like no other.

A Vast Collection to Choose From

With an extensive inventory of traditional rugs online in Australia, our Rozelle rug shop provides a range of options to suit any taste or interior design scheme. From plush round rugs to elegant square rugs and everything in between, our selection is designed to meet the multiple needs of our customers.

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Global Craftsmanship with Our Rugs Online in Australia

Persian Carpet: A Touch of Luxury

Explore our luxurious range of Persian carpets, known worldwide for their intricate designs and superior craftsmanship. Each piece from our Persian rugs, online in Australia, tells a story, making it a work of art that enhances the aesthetic appeal of your space. 

Tribal Rugs: Unique & Vibrant

Discover our collection of tribal rugs, where each piece reflects the unique traditions and lifestyles of the communities that create them. These rugs are perfect for adding a vibrant and authentic touch to your home.

Hallway Runners: Elegance in Every Step

Our selection of hallway runners is curated to transform any corridor into an elegant pathway. With various patterns and colours available, you can choose a runner that complements your home's decor while adding warmth, texture and comfort.

Vintage Style Rugs: Timeless Beauty

For those who appreciate classic charms, our vintage-style rugs online in Australia offer the perfect blend of traditional aesthetics with modern quality. These pieces add a sense of history and sophistication to any room.

Handmade Rugs: Artisanal Authenticity

Handmade rugs are at the heart of our collection, each meticulously woven by skilled artisans. These rugs are a testament to the enduring appeal of handmade craftsmanship, offering incomparable quality and beauty.

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Shop Quality Persian Carpets & Rugs Today

Explore our collection and find the perfect rug to elevate your space. With options ranging from luxurious Persian carpets to vibrant tribal rugs and elegant hallway runners, Persian Rug Co. is your destination for finding floor rugs in Australia that truly make a statement.

Whether you're in the market to buy wholesale rugs online , seeking out a specific style or simply browsing for inspiration, our rugs shop offers a wide range of options to suit any preference or interior design need. With the benefits of superior quality, direct sourcing, and an extensive inventory, Persian Rug Co. is your trusted choice for traditional rugs online in Australia.

Browse our collection and shop quality carpets today – your home deserves the elegance and warmth of a genuine handwoven rug.

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