How to Pair Persian Rugs With Open Plan Living

There’s no doubt open plan living is the most common design feature found in modern homes – though this hasn’t always been the case. In the 1950s, houses were considered grand when they possessed a large number of separate rooms, no matter whether their floorplan was large or small. However, homes today demand more from us and want us to embrace being together – not apart. By removing the physical barriers of walls and doors (which traditionally gave distinction to the different rooms in our homes), we have arrived at a sense of spaciousness in which to live. The only tricky thing left to master is how to style these vast open areas. What better way to do so than with a Persian Rug?

Rugs Deliver Definition

The majority of open plan living spaces incorporate living, dining and kitchens. And while they can all co-exist in harmony in a wide-open area, by defining individual zones with a Persian Rug, each now has definition and purpose. Persian rugs of the same design are an excellent style element, as they create a cohesive space and result in free-flowing living. If you select Persian rugs of different colour schemes, however, this works well to segment spaces in an open plan setting. The linear nature of rugs also means they are ideal in defining open plan living areas.

Colour Can Give Purpose

Persian rugs, by their very nature, are vibrant in their appearance. Whether they are showcased by radiant reds, deep oranges or soothing shades of blues, the colour scheme will define an area in an open plan living space and help the areas fuse together, rather than looking sparse and confusing. Just be sure that in this open-plan space the Persian Rug becomes the true design hero. Pairing it with simple furniture and artwork will complete the room perfectly.

Take Into Consideration How You Want the Space to Make You Feel

Open plan living is what floods our homes in natural light and gives a sense of spaciousness. But you also don’t want the room to feel clunky – and that is where a Persian Rug can help. Ask yourself, how do you want it to make you feel? For an energetic space, why not opt for something like a rustic Tribal Rug? However, if the room is to be more of a restful haven and an exclusive entertaining space, how about a traditional Kashan Persian Rug? Finally, if you have children and your most pressing need is how you are going to keep the room clean, Persian Rugs will make your life so much easier. Their durable nature acts as a dirt repellent, and the density of their patterns can hide a multitude of sins.

Size Matters

When selecting the perfect Persian Rug to accent your open plan living space, be sure to get the sizing right. Anything too substantial will dwarf the room, and anything too small will make the space look cold and cavernous. Measure the front of your sofa/lounge and use its length as your guide. Ensure the Persian Rug is a little longer than this and never shorter. When working in a dining space, the Persian Rug must be a metre wider than the dining table. This allows you to be able to move chairs in and out from the table and still be perfectly positioned on the Persian Rug.

What to do Next?

As handwoven rug specialists, the team at Persian Rug Co. are ideally equipped to help you transform your open plan living spaces with our fantastic range of traditional, village, tribal, vegetable dye or vintage rugs. We also offer an exclusive selection of fine and collectable Persian Rugs. Feel free to browse our online store or call into our Rozelle warehouse outlet, where our friendly staff will help find the perfect piece for your open plan home.