8 Tips For Selecting Your Perfect Persian Rug

From sizes and patterns to understanding knot-counts, Persian Rug Co have put together our top 8 tips for selecting your perfect Persian rug.

1. Measure your space

It can be tempting to bring a guestimate to the store rather than accurate measurements. Take a few moments to correctly measure the space where you want to fit your Persian rug. Don’t have a tape measure handy? There are now smartphone apps which can measure the rug for you!

Also if you plan to buy a hallway runner, make sure you bring the length and width of your corridor. Rugs for dining rooms require a plan of the space and size of the table.

2. Bring some photos of your space.

Bring as many photos as you like of your furniture and other interior features to help with the selection process. The team at Persian Rug Co work with some of Sydney’s top designers and stylists and are happy to advise you on the most suitable rug options for your space.

3. Buy Natural

Don’t be tempted to buy a machine made knock off or a tufted rug. They are usually made with synthetics. They will frey and wear out quickly. Synthetic fibres attract the dirt and shed, which often contributes to allergies.

Persian Rug Co only stock rugs made from natural fibres, wool, silk or a mixture of the two.

4. Check out the quality

Persian rugs vary in quality. A higher quality rug will be needed for a high traffic area. Stiffer weaves are ideal for under dining tables.The higher the knot-count, generally the better quality the rug. Hallway runners need to be densely woven to withstand regular high traffic. Bedroom rugs should feel soft and silky, a lower knot count rug in the bedroom will generally suffice.

5. Now, about the patterns

You might be surprised by the breadth and depth in the variety of designs available for Persian rugs. From bold geometrical shapes present in Tribal and village rugs to intricate floral designs in workshop rugs. We can help you to narrow down your options and decide on the most suitable option.

6. Check with your nearest and dearest

There is nothing like a second opinion. And a third and a fourth. Ask your friends and family what they think. No matter how much research you do, the nod of approval from your nearest and dearest can give you the confidence you need to make your final decision.

7. Take your time

Buying the right rug takes time. The team at Persian Rug Co will spend as much time as it takes to help you find your new rug. We will help you get it right. Rest assured if you take your new rug home and it’s not quite right, then you can bring it back and exchange. We also offer an in-house service where customers can make a short-list of their favourite rugs, and then view those rugs in their home.

8. Above all, buy the rug that ‘talks to you’.

Sometimes in your search, you see a rug that you simply cannot resist. It may not be the perfect colour or size. But there is something about the rug that you find irresistable. It could be the colour, design or a combination of both. If the rug talks to you then that's the one you should buy.

Want to know more?

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