Celebrating the Women Weavers of Iran

Today we celebrate the significant contributions that the unnamed women behind the rug looms of Iran have made to our world. It is these talented artisans that are responsible for the most varied, unusual and creative examples of Persian rugs.

When many rug lovers think of the world's best pieces, they reference the fine city weaves woven by celebrated master weavers in established city workshops, who are usually men. While these refined examples are certainly special, true enthusiasts appreciate that there is no comparison to the beautifully constructed, varied and original rugs woven in simple family settings mainly by talented and hardworking women.

The tribal weaves of the Qashqai tribe are amongst the most desirable of all vintage pieces. Design Historian, Patricia Baker writes in the Journal of Design History, “The personal selection, the proximity to ‘nature’ and the locality of origin are seen as essential in both guaranteeing the provenance and authenticity of the woven carpet”. In describing how the creation of Qashaqai rugs falls completely in the domain of women, Patrica Baker writes, “It is these elements… which directly contribute to the woman-weaver achieving individuality and authenticity in design and colouration in her work”.