Choosing the Perfect Persian Rug for your Dining Room

There is nothing that elevates a room quite like a Persian rug. Adding a level of ambiance, a dining room will instantly benefit from the addition of a traditional Persian rug.

When making the decision to purchase a rug, there are some things to think about when choosing the perfect one for your dining room. Some designs and colour ways may be appealing and really take your fancy, but they may not always be the best choice for the dining room. Design, style, type of weave, size, colours - these things should be taken into account before you fall in love with your new Persian rug.

Some Practical Advice

For practicality and function, there are a few things to consider. A darker tone rug not only looks elegant; it also serves a functional purpose as well, minimising the visibility of any spills. You also want to select a densely woven rug to avoid any wear and tear that it may experience from having chairs constantly moving across it.

Size Does Matter

Once you have considered the functional aspects of your rug, there are also some design choices to make. It is important to choose the right size rug for your space. Make sure that you pick a rug large enough not just for your table but for the whole setting, including the chairs. You want the chairs to still be on the rug when you pull them out, so you want to allow around 60 to 70cm of extra space for them. So, if your table is 1m wide then you will need to go with a rug that is around 2.4m wide to accommodate the chairs when they are pulled out. This will ensure that you are protecting the floor but also to stop the chairs from catching on the rug's edge when pulled out.

The Power of Patterns

Another design option to consider is to go with a rug that has an allover design rather than one that has a central medallion design. Continuous, intricate patterns are not only great for masking any stains or marks, but since the table will be hiding most of the rug, this type of design is more visible. And it is also important to have an attractive border, as this will be the most visible part of the rug.

Selecting the ideal rug for your dining room does not have to be a difficult process nor do you have to search the world yourself. If you are looking for the perfect Persian rug for your dining room, then let us help you. Selling authentic, handmade, traditional Persian rugs - our team at Persian Rug Co will be able to guide you in selecting the most amazing and practical addition to your dining room décor. 

A cross-section of suitable dining room rugs are available online in 3x2.5m and 3.5x2.5m.