Contrast - Interior Design Trend

Creating bold contrasts of patterns, textures and colours in living spaces is the most recent interior design trend – and we want you to get around it!

The historic interior design tendency to ‘match’ every colour and pattern is becoming less relevant, and a more abstract and creative approach is being practised. Contrasting patterns and colours, when successfully achieved, can transform your space into an exciting and visually stimulating area.

Bold wallpapers, soft furnishings and abstract artworks can be used to contrast the varied designs of Persian rugs. In saying this, we feel that the most successful contrasted spaces do have elements of consistency within them, whether that be a particular colour, pattern or texture that is repeated throughout the space.

Our traditional and vintage rug lines are perfect for creating bold contrasting compositional spaces, as they provide a vast pattern and colour range, which can guide the choice of other components of the space, for example, a staple colour or motif.