​From Floors To Walls – Hanging a Rug In Your Home

The resurgence of a trend to embrace; hanging your rugs as feature art pieces…

For centuries, handmade rugs have been considered such valuable works of art that despite their practical calling for use on the floor, owners have proudly displayed them upon their walls. Not only does this application protect the rugs from being walked upon, but allows them to be Objet d'art for one’s own home!

Fast forward to the present day and we're starting to see creative examples of decorators and designers transforming spaces using different hanging methods. 

Check out our Rug Hanging Pinterest Board for some of our favourite examples. 

Here are our top three reasons why we love hanging rugs:

1) Hanging a rug on a wall will create an interesting, beautiful room. 

Basically, a hanging rug looks amazing. Choosing a Persian Rug that speaks to your sense of style, matches your furnishings and enhances the space is the recipe for success! More dramatic than art, more sophisticated than photos and more interesting than a mirror, hanging a rug in your home can create a stylish, beautiful room.

Style Tip: When choosing a rug to hang in your home be sure to consider the style and décor of the room. A formal Victorian space would be suited to a fine, urban rug like a traditional Kashan or Qum whereas a modern minimalist setting would call for the tribal, earth tones of a  Village Rug or flatweave Kilim. The most wonderful thing about Persian Rugs is they come in such a vast range of colours and styles there will absolutely be one to suit your existing décor! 

2) Hanging a Persian Rug creates texture and drama.

We often forget the importance of texture in creating a comfortable, inviting space. A finished room can sometimes feel as though something is missing. Despite carefully chosen furnishings, paint colours, lighting and floorings if you’ve ever had that sense its not quite ‘finished’ you are not alone. Often that mystery element is texture – a regular afterthought when people design their home.

Texture adds visual weight and aesthetic balance to your room – a hanging rug is a clever way to bring that ‘aaaaah’ feeling to a space. Not only will it look sensational, add depth and colour but that missing tactility to your room can be achieved!

Style Tip: A three-dimensional Meshwani Tribal Rug is a mixture of hand-woven kilim and pile giving it incredible depth. This is a great example of an ideal rug for bringing texture to a space.

3) Install a Persian Rug for a fabulous and affordable art piece.

The luxe colours, delicate details and intricate patterns of Persian Rugs regularly see them described as ‘works of art’. Why not celebrate the craftsmanship of a gorgeous rug and elevate it to be a feature in your home?

Hanging a rug increases its lifespan, both protecting and celebrating your investment piece. It’s also interesting to consider the value per inch of a rug. A large rug creates true impact and compared to an original art piece (and the cost of framing) may be a more affordable purchase than a painting of the same scale. If you’ve a grand space to decorate or want the drama of true statement piece a Persian Rug may be the answer to your design challenge!

Style Tip: Many Persian Rugs are pictorial and are literally ‘art on carpet’ - A  pictorial rug tells a story through the designs making them both beautiful and interesting to adorn your walls with. 

According to Paul Sacco, Director of PersianRugs.com.au, “there are only a few effective methods of hanging a Persian. The effectiveness of each method is wholly dependent the type of weave, construction & composition of your rug. If you own a Persian Rug that you would like to hang, please get in touch with PersianRugs.com.au for technical advice and tips”.

If you’re considering a Persian Rug to hang, you might like to explore Pinterest for amazing ideas and visit us at our Rozelle warehouse outlet or browse our website to see the gorgeous rugs and kilims available.