How The Pantone Colour Of The Year Can Inspire You To Choose The Perfect Rug

The global authority on colour, Pantone, has been announcing its prestigious Colour of the Year since the year 2000, and in 2015 it is the turn of 'Marsala' to shine. This subtly seductive shade of red conjures up hearty images of warmth, such as enjoying a smooth glass of Merlot by the fire (no doubt whilst relaxing on your own hand woven Persian Rug!) and draws inspiration from the wine regions of Sicily, where it's name is derived from.

Manufacturers and designers the world over use the Pantone Colour of the Year as their muse in all they create and at, we are pleased to see we are on trend. 

Many rugs from our popular Tribal collection feature Marsala as a prominent shade so expect to be spoiled for choice if you plan on inserting this popular hue into your home.

Here's five of our favourite Persian Rugs from our extensive Tribal collection, available in store or online, which feature 2015's favourite shade, Marsala:

1) MOHOMMADI (REF 74) 339X251CM

Marsala figures prominently in the Mohommadi Persian Rug, giving it a depth of richness and warmth, like a cluster of fresh cherries ripe for eating. For those whom this colour resonates deeply, this choice is a must and would add a powerful presence to any room it is featured in.

2) TURKMAN VINTAGE C.1970'S (REF 51) 252X126CM

With its commanding combination of Marsala and navy blue, this Persian Rug is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to contrast bold, strong colours. With it's dominating presence in your room, all eyes will be drawn to the intricately patterned Bohkara design. Like a good wine, the strong red dyes have mellowed beautifully over time.

3) TEKKE BOHKARA (REF 107) 327X240CM

Resplendent with its many tones of maroons and reds, this Tribal inspired Persian Rug is the epitome of what the colour of the year, Marsala, can represent. With so many shades interwoven into its ancient design, the Tekke Bohkara can offer its owners a more understated palate of 2015's number one colour choice.

4) BALUCHI (REF 1383) 139X90CM

The Baluchi Tribal Persian Rug is where earthiness meets rustic appeal. The intense tones of Marsala are accentuated in this rug by the grounding colours of indigo and a lush shade of bottle green. Whether you seek a striking centrepiece for your room, or simply want to use it to curl up comfortably on this traditionally hand knotted work of art, this Persian Rug will meet any criteria you desire.

5) SIRJAN KILIM (REF 2658) 219X159CM

For some, a more subtle approach to 2015's colour trend is necessary in meeting their style expectations. The Sirjan Kilim Rug, with its variety of warm, earthy and neutral tones, offers a broader appeal to many. Marsala is still a dominant hue in the overall colour scheme, but by choosing this tribal rug with its aesthetically pleasing colour combination, it will easily complement any interior style already in place in your home.