New Afghan & Indian Shipments Have Arrived

Just in time for winter, our team has unbaled two small shipments of beautiful handwoven rugs sourced directly from Afghanistan and India.

As always, each handpicked piece in our new shipment is unique and woven by the traditional weaving groups using only natural compositions.

Some of the highlights of these shipments include:

  • A complete collection of high-quality Chobi Ziegler rugs of various standard sizes (including runners). Featuring desirable soft and cool ivory tones and simple floral designs.
  • Linear Tribal rugs from Afghanistan. The designs are simple and traditional with a contemporary feel.
  • A batch of fine and vibrant Afghan Kyber Veggie Dye Kilims in new colours and designs.
  • A new collection of finely handwoven Vivid Transitional Rugs in varied electric colour palettes. We are excited to hear our customer feedback to the unusual designs. We have developed this collection over more than a year.

If you are in the Sydney area, please feel free to visit us to browse our entire collection and don't hesitate to get in touch with any questions