New Afghan Shipments Have Arrived

Last week we received two air shipments of hand knotted rugs and kilims imported from Afghanistan and Iran. A large collection generally takes between 6 to 12 months to accumulate before importing, so when we unbale and see our new pieces for the first time it is very exciting, a little nerve racking but most of all rewarding.

Every piece within our new shipments is unique and handmade by traditional weaving groups. I have provided details of the various new additions to our collection and web listings to sample pieces below:

  • Much needed hallway runners of Tribal and Vegetable Dye style, ranging in length from 4m to 12m. Runners of this quality and length are difficult to source and make great winter additions to any home.

  • Fine vegetable dye room sized pieces of various designs and qualities, including Ferhian Kazaks and Chobis made from lustrous Ghazni wool. Every process during the production of these pieces is completely done by hand, including the hand spinning and dying of the wool.

  • Large collections of Afghan Maimana, Kyber Mori and Veggie Dye kilims. Our staff agree the vibrant batch of Veggie Dye kilims we received in the shipment are the best we have ever stocked!

  • Assortment of interesting Hamadan rugs of different regions sourced directly from the bazars of Isfahan.

Please watch our website over the coming days as we work to photograph and list these beautiful new rugs and kilims. If you are in the Sydney area, please feel free to visit us to browse our entire collection.