October Trip To North India

On Saturday morning, my son George (Sales Manager) and I, arrived home after a hectic two week trip to North India.

Upon arrival to Delhi, we had a short wait for our connecting flight to Varanasi. This was George’s first trip to India and he was initially shell-shocked by the intensity of the sheer volume of people in the airport! 

Our arrival at Delhi Airport

We caught a short flight to Varanasi city where we would spend the next few days exploring the India Carpet Expo. The annual exhibition showcases hundreds of different manufactures from all over India - We were able to visit existing suppliers and establish relationships with suppliers of new lines… Securing lots of exciting new stock along the way!

Enjoying a memorable homemade lunch with carpet expo delegates

A sample shot of a new wool & silk collection!

After a hectic day at the expo, our suppliers invited us to the Aarti ceremony, an evening ceremony held in honour of Lord Shiva, held on the banks of the Ganges. George and I will always value this spiritual experience.

Agni Pooja - "Worship of fire"

One of the highlights of the trip was a guided tour of the Taj Mahal in the ancient city of Agra. A must-do for any visitor of North India.

Taj Mahal

George and I through one of the windows of the Taj Mahal

On our final day in Agra, our suppliers invited George and I to tour of their weaving house. Every process during the production of their stunning silk & wool rugs happens within grounds of this excellent facility. Our suppliers pride themselves on their working conditions, quality rugs and reputation.

During the different stages of our tour we saw skilled artisans knotting, processing wool and finishing stunning rugs

The friendly artisans also invited me to try my hand at traditional rug cleaning... I still have some work to do to master my technique!

With each visit of India, I am further enthralled by the unique culture and tradition. This trip was made especially enjoyable by the unbelievable hospitality of the people, especially our suppliers and hotel staff. Thank you, we look forward to our next visit.