Our Latest Shipment of Kyber Veggie Dye Kilims Have Arrived

This week our team unbaled a beautiful collection of handwoven Kyber Veggie Dye Kilims sourced from traditional weavers in mountainous northern Afghanistan.

Kyber Veggie Dye Kilims are interesting in that every process in their production is entirely done by hand using tribal techniques of production.

Each varied and vibrant dye is obtained from plant roots, and the quality woollen yarn is handspun meaning each piece features different natural variations in colour.

We are excited by the simple geometric designs that pair beautifully with contemporary furniture and add a sense of culture and warmth to any setting.

Kyber Veggie Dye Afghan Kilim (Ref 378) 335x246cm


Kyber Veggie Dye Afghan Kilim (Ref 100401) 346x245cm


Kyber Veggie Dye Afghan Kilim (Ref 371) 342x252cm


Visit our Rozelle warehouse to browse our entire Kilim collection. Over the next few days, we will work to list the best examples online.

If you are after a kilim in a specific design or colour, please don't hesitate to get in touch at info@persianrugs.com.au and we will do our best to source!