Our Winter Persian Shipment Has Arrived

After six months of sourcing, our latest Persian shipment of over 100 unique tribal, village, city and vintage rugs has arrived. The most exciting part of our job is unbaling these incredible pieces and admiring their beauty for the first time.

Every piece within this shipment is available for viewing at our Rozelle warehouse. Over the next few days, our team will work to list the best examples online.

Check out the sample cross-section just listed below:

Nahavand Vintage Persian Rug (Ref 37) 200x144cm

Yalameh Vintage Village Persian Rug (Ref 78) 245x200cm

Bidjar Fine Wool & Silk Inlay Persian Rug (Ref 1735) 300x205cm

Nain Fine 6la Persian Rug (Ref 47) 234x148cm

Please email at info@persianrugs.com.au or phone us directly on 02 9746 3600 if you are searching for a specific piece or have any other questions.