Pairing Persian Rugs With Contemporary Furniture

Coupling traditional rugs with contemporary furniture and décor is an up-and-coming trend we love – and what’s better is that the look can be achieved relatively easily by following a few basic principles.

Persian rugs often add a sense of comfort and homeliness to a minimalist interior. A key tip in pairing the two together is to use the rug to anchor your space, add a few traditional accessories, and then contemporary elements such as modern art or furniture, creating a striking juxtaposition of styles.

When customers and designers who are wanting to achieve this look visit us, we show them a range of our vintage and vegetable dye pieces, with rugs ranging from deep and vibrant reds to soft oranges and blues. A rug with a depth of colour is excellent to pair with modern furniture and provides for an interesting contrast as well as a focal point, especially for neutrally toned interiors. Moreover, a rug with several colours will allow for specific tones to be worked into the setting.

If you’re looking to create an interesting space with contemporary décor and traditional rugs, feel free to browse our online store or visit us in our Rozelle warehouse outlet where our friendly staff will help find the perfect piece!

For inspiration, check out home design enthusiast Kimberly Scheffler's stunning Pinterest Board, 41 Best Modern Design With a Persian Rug, offers fantastic inspiration.