Persian Rugs: A Sustainable Choice

We all love to do our bit for the planet. Whether you are a true warrior for the environment or just like to make conscious decisions when you can, it’s always a bonus when you also are able to reap the benefits too.

When it comes to the home or office; sustainability always brings up thoughts of solar panels, energy-saving appliances and natural lighting. In a conversation directed around functionality, what about home décor? You don’t have to sacrifice beauty for sustainability and a Persian rug is proof of this.

Beautiful, vibrant and chic; there is nothing that gives a room that extra stylish touch like a Persian rug. We all know of their beauty and durability, but did you know that when it comes to a traditionally made Persian rug, the carbon footprint is close to zero- something increasingly rare when it comes to home décor in the modern world.

How is this so? It is simple. Traditional Persian rug making is a practice steeped in thousands of years of developing the craft. Before machines and industry, the artisans had their ways to produce the same beautiful rugs that we offer in store. Persian rugs are made from natural fibres such as hand spun wool, silk and cotton. Not a synthetic fibre in sight. The wool is often dyed by hand often using natural occurring dyes, woven together by hand and not mass-produced in a factory.

Beyond the production process, traditional Persian rugs offer so much more sustainability. Creating a warm environment for your home, you will feel less inclined to have to use the heater- saving you not just money on your electricity bill but also lessening the impact on the environment. Another win for the environment is that rugs like these are made with quality materials and so much love and care has been put into their production, so you know they will last. You will not have to repurchase rugs in a few years, with your old ones ending up in the landfill. Your rug will last for decades and be passed on to the next generation.

At Persian Rug Co. we go to great measures to ensure that every rug we sell is handmade and authentic, so you can be sure that it follows the most sustainable practices possible. When you purchase a hand-knotted Persian rug from us, not only will you have a beautiful rug that will add value and beauty to your home or business, but you can be sure that you are making an environmentally responsible decision. From supporting communities that have kept this art alive for centuries to purchasing products that have less of an impact on the environment- It’s an easy choice.

If you are looking to enhance your space in the most stunning way possible and maintaining sustainable practices, a traditional, hand-knotted Persian rug is a wise investment. Contact with our team at Persian Rug Co. today, so we can help you find the right rug for your space.