​The Incredible Lasting Quality of Persian Rugs

We regularly find vintage Persian Rugs that were handwoven over 50 years ago in close to perfect condition. It's incredible to think that a handwoven rug, which has the same basic composition as your average winter knit, can age so beautifully in this amount of time.

Persian Rugs to many Iranians are perceived as cultural works of art - the average local buyer admires great examples of craftsmanship and design. With this in mind weavers do not cut corners, but continuously aim to improve and refine their skills. Changes to established weaving techniques occur slowly overtime - the most significant over the past century of rug weaving in Iran is the use of chemically derived dyes, allowing for an improved variety of colour and consistency.

In providing online descriptions of our rugs, it can be challenging to communicate the dedication, craftsmanship and quality that exists in each piece. The majority of our classic city weaves take over one month per sqm to weave! Fineness, which can easily be measured (KPSI) is one parameter but not the most important. The best rugs are those made by traditional weavers using methods of construction passed over the generations and specific to their tribal group, village or city of weaving.

Our favourite industry expression is that "you never really own a Persian Rug, but rather hold on to it for the next generation". When we source and import rugs from Iran, we always do so with this in mind.