Top Tips For Persian Rug Care

You have just purchased a beautiful Persian rug. Understanding how to care for your purchase sooner rather than later is going to benefit you in the long run. With proper care, your rug can last for generations.

Your rug is an investment piece so look after it as you would a valuable piece of art.

Persian Rug Co have put together 10 tips for maintaining and caring for your Persian rug.

Don’t forget to vacuum

Regular vacuuming will remove surface dirt and prevent it from going down into the base of the pile. Modern vacuum cleaners with brushes are fine. These, however, should never be used on silk rugs.

Regular vacuuming removes grit which can damage the rug in the long term.

Sun and air your rug occasionally

If your rug lives in a dark place, then regular sunning is recommended. Spraying your rug with a mist of Eucalyptus oil is good for the wool. Lavender oil can be used instead of Eucalyptus oil.

Rotate and rearrange

Rotating and rearranging your Persian rug regularly will help prevent too much wear and tear in one area of the rug. Rotation will also ensure even pile wear. Rotating the rug every few months is recommended.

Set a regular reminder in your calendar because this simple practise will do wonders to preserve your rug.

It will also help to stop sunlight from hitting just one section of the rug.

If furniture is to be placed on your rug, under furniture pads are recommended.

Avoid UV rays

UV rays are particularly harmful for Persian rugs. The vibrancy of the colours, the lushness of the weave and the overall appearance can be severely affected.

It is not always practical to place your rug away from direct sunlight but use common sense in this regard. If your rug is awash with heat and UV rays, damage will be noticeable within months.

Older windows may require UV blocking film however newer windows may already be UV protected.

Rotating the rug will allow the rug colours to mellow evenly.


We know you love your furry friends but a few simple considerations will help them to coexist with your lovely Persian rug.

If you have just purchased a rug and it is going into an environment with pets, we recommend a light spray of Eucalyptus Oil. Pets do not like the smell and will avoid adopting the rug as part of their territory.

When it comes to fur, simply vacuum regularly to preserve the texture of your Persian rug and reduce any odour left behind by pets.

Pet urine can be very damaging to Persian rugs. If an accident occurs, lightly spray the area with a neutraliser such as a weak white vinegar solution. Then blot with a damp white terry towel face cloth.

A word about professional cleaning

Every hand knotted rug is uniquely made. The dyes used vary. Anyone washing a Persian rug should know how the rug was made and dyes used.

Persian rugs should not be dry cleaned or steam cleaned.

We recommend hand washing a small area at a time and then any excess water is extracted. For best results, Persian rugs should be washed outside on a sunny day.

Depending on the amount of traffic walking on the rug the frequency of professional cleaning should be about every couple of years.

Freshening up your rug

Every couple of months you can freshen up your rug as part of your spring cleaning routine. In a quarter or a bucket of warm water, add two cap-fulls of Eucalyptus oil and a couple of squirts of hair shampoo. Immerse a white face cloth and ring it till damp. Wipe the rug in sections with the pile. This process will clean the surface of the rug.

Consider using an underlay

We suggest using an underlay or padding between your rug and floor. This will help preserve the Persian rug and reduce wrinkling. Using the correct underlay will enable air to flow beneath the rug to reduce moisture and stop dirt from building on the underside of the rug.

Underlays also stop the rug from moving on hardwood floors. This can prevent accidents from happening.

First aid for accidents

We are often asked what should be done in case of a red wine spill. Firstly, contain the stain. Don’t rub the stain into the carpet. With a dry white cloth, blot the excess stain. Then repeat with a damp white cloth. Repeat the process. Next, we suggest smearing the stain with natural yogurt remembering to go with the pile. Allow to dry for a day or two until the yogurt turns into a powder. Lastly, vacuum the excess.

Supermarket spot cleaners are not recommended.


After much use, carpets may start to wear in specific areas. Fringes or selvages unravelling may occur. It is best to have these minor repairs attended to earlier rather than later. We at Persian Rug Co can assist you with carpet repairs and restorations.

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