heriz-persian-vintage-rug.jpg.pngA well-cared-for Persian Rug will last for generations. Our easy-to-follow rug care & cleaning guide outlines our top tips for caring for your Persian Rug:

Rug First Aid

If you’re as clumsy as me, accidental spills are inevitable. We've found this simple first aid procedure to be effective for the majority of household accidents (…including food and drink spills) for most types of Persian Rugs:

i. Use a dry, white cotton towel to blot and absorb the liquid that was spilled onto your rug. Instinctively rubbing an area may spread the stain making matters worse. It is important to ‘contain the stain’.

ii. Once you have blotted as much of the spilled liquid as possible, use another damp white towel to further blot the stain. Repeat the process until as much of the spill is removed as possible.

iii. Apply a thin smear of natural yogurt to the stain rubbing with the nap not against it. Let this settle for 24-hours as the yogurt will absorb any residual stain and then turn into a powder that can be easily vacuumed up.

iv. Vacuum the area of the rug and the stain should almost disappear. If the stain is still evident, then the stain will need to be extracted using a wet vacuum cleaning method.

For different types of spills there are specific first aid procedures. If you would like additional info please don’t hesitate to contact us.

BVS – Beat, Vacuum, Sun

For as long as rugs have been woven, rug owners have beaten their rugs to dislodge grit embedded in the warp and weft that damage fibres if left there for an extended length of time. Not only is this simple practice a great way of cleaning your rug, we find it can be also be an excellent form of stress relief!

Regular vacuuming will remove any grit, which, if left on the rug, will make its way down to the foundation and damage the warp and weft. Use power-head vacuums with caution.

Periodically sunning your rug for an hour or so will kill any dust mites present in making it better to be around for allergy sufferers. Only sun your rug on a dry and hot day.

Position Rotation

Hand-knotted rugs are more likely to colour fade if they are placed in an area that is exposed to direct Australian sunlight.

Regularly rotating the position of your rug will allow the rug to fade uniformly. The colours of a vibrant rug can tone down to a mellower colour balance over time.

Disks and Underlay

When placing heavy furniture on top of your rugs, we recommend you use felted discs under the legs of your furniture to reduce the risk of indenting the pile of your rug.

After the furniture has been removed, the compressed pile can then be wetted with a damp cloth - enabling it to spring back to life!

Rug Grip Underlay stops floor grit from penetrating the under surface of the rug.

Storing Rugs

Special consideration must be taken when storing your rugs for extended periods of time.

Never store your rugs in places that are dark or moist. Handwoven rugs, which are made from natural fibres, mainly wool and silk, are subject to mould and mildew if stored in moist, dark areas.

Having your hand-knotted rug folded for an extended period of time can distort its warp and weft. The correct way of storing a rug is to have it rolled very tightly against the nap.

To avoid moth attacks we recommend that the rug is sealed in good quality packaging plastic with a few mothballs scattered within the roll.

Professional Cleaning

Annual cleaning of rugs that are used in high-traffic areas is advisable. Over time, the foundation of your rugs can be damaged by residuals and other dirt build-up in your home. Professional cleaning can remove these particles as well as any dust mites or other allergens.

Knowledge of the construction of the specific rug and the dyes used in its manufacture is important before washing a Persian Rug. Cleaning the rug must be done on a flat surface and it should also be left to dry on a flat surface to eliminate the risk of colour run. If a rug is hung vertically to dry, the risk of colour run is magnified.

It is important to take into account that every handwoven rug is different in its construction and in the dyes used. We adjust our washing techniques for each rug, insuring a first class result every time.

We offer a professional rug hand-wash cleaning service to our customers. This service is only available in the warmer summer months as this is the only time when we can guarantee our results. The rugs are always hand washed outside on a hot sunny day, ensuring a fast drying time.

For any specific questions regarding Persian Rug care please don’t hesitate to get in touch.