Our installation team recently completed their first staircase install of two Afghan Tribal runners on a c1880 Australian Red Cedar staircase within a grand Italianate Victorian home in Sydney.

In January, we commissioned two Tribal Meshwani handwoven runners to be handwoven in Afghanistan to a custom size - a length of 360cm and 420cm in a 60cm width. The Meshwani runners were chosen because of their flexibility of weave, longevity and earthy rich colour palette.

We sourced customised polished brass rods of a 75cm length, together with decorative finials and fixing brackets from a local supplier. All fittings are in keeping with the Victorian home.

Rug Grip Non-Slip Underlay was used to anchor the runner and provide noise isolation.

After planning and sourcing materials, installation took one working day.

Our clients were pleased with the result. We found the handmade authentic nature of our Tribal Meshwani collection harmonised with the original cedar staircase and original flooring.


Persian Rug Staircase Before

Persian Rug Staircase Underlay

Persian Rug Staircase Brass Rods

Persian Rug Staircase Complete