On arrival to the Persian Rug Co. warehouse at 30 Gordon St, Rozelle NSW, you'll be amazed by pops of colour in the thousands of rugs laid neatly in size-ordered piles. Our friendly staff will answer any questions and be happy to share information on each unique piece of interest.

Our team has a no-pressure policy, meaning customers should never feel obliged to make a purchase. We have established this policy because we are passionate about our collections, and want visitors to view, enjoy, and learn about them in a relaxed environment.

If you are visiting to search for a rug for a specific space, establishing the size prior helps our team service your needs. At any time, we stock an incredible collection of over 10,000 tribal, village and city rugs, so finding the perfect piece is nearly always achievable but can some consideration. Many of our customers shortlist their favourite rugs within the pile to be pulled out for comparison.

We have the luxury of space, allowing us to lay out any favourites on a neutral coloured floor. Laying the rugs out next to one another makes the selection process easier, by allowing for all the elements of the rug to be grasped and compared.

Customers are welcome to borrow our rugs to be taken on an obligation-free trial basis, again to ensure that the unique rug is suited to the specific space. We also offer in-home viewings whereby our staff will bring a shortlisted selection to your home and show them at a convenient time.

Our warehouse is open Tuesday to Sunday from 9 am to 5 pm or by appointment. For any questions about our services and warehouse outlet, please phone us directly on 02 9746 3600.

Entry to Persian Rug Co. Warehouse Rozelle.jpg